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Car Maintenance in Flamborough

Auto Clinic of Flamborough offers these suggested maintenance schedules to keep your vehicle performing at its best and to keep you safe on the road.

Please view your vehicle’s mileage on the table below to find out all the services your vehicle should undergo for each mileage interval. Then contact us to schedule your appointment, or use our online appointment request form.


The AutoPro Preventative Maintenance Plan

It's easy to add up the many benefits of our AUTOPRO preventative maintenance program:

  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less pollution
  • Less risk of costly breakdowns
  • Safer and more reliable vehicle
  • Validity of original or extended warranties is ensured
  • Vehicle's resale value is maintained

On your first visit, we:

  • Create your personal profile based on average kilometres traveled per year, the routes you take and vehicle usage.
  • Recommend a maintenance timetable based on the profile.
  • Help you choose the level of maintenance your vehicle needs, using the AUTOPRO 4 level system.
  • Adapt our vehicle care and services to your specific needs.

Maintenance Schedule*

ServiceMileage or Time
Oil change
Every 5,000 km
Under-hood belt and hose inspectionEvery 5,000 km
Tire rotation and wheel balancingEvery 10,000km
Brake inspectionEvery 10,000km
Fuel filter replacementEvery 20,000km
Wheel alignment checkEvery 20,000km – 40,000km
Fuel system serviceEvery 25,000km
Engine and cabin air filtersEvery 25,000km
Automatic transmission serviceEvery 40,000km
Power steering flushEvery 50,000km
Belt and hose replacementEvery 100,000km-160,000km
Engine timing belt replacementEvery 100,000km-160,000km
Light and tire pressure inspectionMonthly
Air conditioning performance checkAnnually
Cooling system serviceEvery 50,000km
Brake fluid flushEvery 50,000km

*Please note that this schedule is approximate to account for most vehicles. For a specific schedule, please consult your vehicle’s service manual, or contact us for information.

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